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Dorm Diva of the Month

What exactly makes a girl a DormDiva? When asked who they are, we all can name the DormDivas in our lives, but just what made her the girl? A Dorm Diva is the girl in the dorm who has the best clothes, hair, friends, and style. She is the girl that some of us say we loathe, while we really envy them. Some of us know who she is and we are popular just by sheer association. If you are one of those girls who wishes to be a DormDiva or simply part of the clique, you will learn all of her secrets by committing the contents of these pages to memory.

Take the quiz below first to see how you rate...or order the handbook.

Diva Privledges

Being a DormDiva carries many privileges. Here are few:

1. DormDiva's generally do not pay cover charges at local clubs. Club owners are aware who the Diva's are and their ability to make their establishments a happening place.

2. DormDiva's always get into the best classes. We are in the know, our friends in the upper classes have given us guidance.

3. Professors let us add/drop classes after the deadline. They know how important a high G.P.A. is to us.

4. Special made meals from the dining hall. We know how important it is to be always courteous to the dining hall workers.

5. We never get the bottom bunk.

6. Paid Internship in the summer.

7. Junior Year Abroad in Paris or Milan.

8. We always take a minimum of an hour and a half to get ready. No apologies accepted.

9. We never go any place alone. We always travel with our girls.

10. Job working at admissions


Diva Quiz

Write down the letter of the answer that most applies to you to determine if you are, indeed a DormDiva.

1. My favorite jeans are
a) Levi’s red tab b)Gap low rise, boot cut
c) Tommy jeans d) Calvin Klein straight-leg

2. My signature fragrance is
a) Love’s Baby Soft b)Tommy Girl
c) Calvin Klein Eternity d) patulous oil

3. After a breakup, I must listen to music by
a) Jewel b)Alanis Morrissette
c)James Taylor d)Norah Jones

4. My roommate and I have decorated our room to
a) reflect our separate personalities and tastes b)coordinate perfectly
c) what roommate? d)compliment one another

5. When suffering from PMS, I like to
a) eat M&M’s b) munch on low fat chips
c) lie in bed d)all of the above

6. My idea of the ideal DormDiva roommate from the movies is
a) Alicia Silverstone in Clueless b) Skylar from Good Will Hunting c) Elle Woods from Legally Blonde d) Elaine from The Graduate (ask your mom)

7. My favorite daytime beverage is
a) diet Coke b) coffee (especially from Starbucks with Splenda) c) bottled water
d) smoothie

8. The essential accessory is
a) a chain belt b) a boyfriend
c) Tiffany’s heart charm bracelet d) belly ring

9. A Dorm Diva’s room must have
a) stereo system b) phone with call waiting and voice mail c) computer with instant messaging d)all of the above, duh

10. A Dorm Diva must never
a) wear white shoes (except for sneakers or wedding) b) enter the dining hall alone
c) take a Friday morning class d) all of the above

Click Here for the Answers

Diva History

DormDiva'a are nothing new, they have been around forever! Ask your Mom or Grandma.

We can trace the earliest DormDiva's back to the late 1940's, just after World War II. With the resurgence in of woman attending college, it was no longer just the elite who were attending the universities. Young woman of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds were now living together.

Ask your mothers and aunts about the DormDiva's of their day. They will be able to name a few describe them in detail.

Click here to view past decades of Diva's and learn what made their decade special.












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